Media Buying Process | MBS Inc.



The Buying Process:
Buying is negotiating - securing the lowest possible media rates.

Buying at rate card would be extremely rare for Media Buying Services. Extensive investment in tools and experience are working throughout our buying process to ensuring pricing remains competitive.

Negotiate Added Value Enhancements

  • Develop and implement added value & special promotions including -
    • Negotiate below rate card
    • Negotiate volume discounts and contracts with large ownership groups offering multi-market coverage
    • Taking advantage of last minute discount offers / remnant space deals
    • Analyzing opportunities appearing to cost more, but return greater media exposure for the additional cost (value is higher than cost increase)
    • Negotiating multi-year contracts with little, or no, year-to-year increases
    • Guaranteed ad positions negotiated or premium positions negotiated as added value
    • Negotiate free or reduced color costs, free/bonus space and time, request PSA placements with paid buys
    • Utilize advertorials when appropriate for meeting campaign goals
    • Evaluate and present new and on-going special media opportunities, sponsorships and/or promotions

Client Summary Approvals

  • Detailed annual/monthly/quarterly placement summaries/client approval sheets are prepared by seasoned media professionals

Prepare & disseminate placement orders and revise orders

  • Placement orders are prepared, disseminated by MBS buyers after final negotiations have occurred and clients approve buys. Our orders are countersigned by media vendors to ensure accuracy and provide accountability.
  • Revise/update orders as needed

Prepare deadline reports & traffic creative to the media

  • We provide accurate and timely creative/art/dub deadlines and spec sheets to internal or independent agency creative and marketing departments.
  • MBS produces traffic instructions and coordinates getting creative to the media.

Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.