Media Planning Process | MBS Inc.



The Planning Process:

We keep clients’ plans innovative by

  • always looking for the next and newest media ideas and build them into current promotions and media partnerships.
  • reading industry resources, talking to and taking the time to meet with media reps working within the industry. We see them as an extension of our team as they help us identify the new trends in media placement, update us on their newest offerings, and uncover the industry’s competitive moves. We sift through the media placement options making reps work towards our clients’ goals by customizing ideas even further.
  • analyzing and evaluating all reasonable traditional and digital/online media venues and alternatives.
  • having a strong rationale and presenting recommendations effectively to all constituents generating buy-in and enhanced understanding and providing focused execution.
  • build plans that reflect clients’ marketing objectives and creative strategy.
  • measuring success.
    • We monitor the plans and adjust based on performance.
    • Whether measured in responses to product offerings, or bookings or awareness increases, website hits, click throughs, increasing qualified opt-in data bases, phone inquiries, mailed responses or text message replies - there are more options than ever allowing us to use media and measure campaigns’ successes.
    • As we plan, we also identify specific success measurements and matrix to track and evaluate effectiveness of every dollar spent.

Developing buying guidelines is part of planning process:

  • Setting effective reach, frequency, grp, cpp, and cpm goals. (standard media schedule measurements)
  • Uncovering geographic perimeters and determine seasonality
  • Allocating media budgets by medium/target/segment/and geography
  • Preparing annual or by project media plans with calendar spreadsheets (shown by market / target / project) for client approval and media buy execution
  • Managing media budgets (annual plans or by project) on an on-going basis
  • Other deliverables based on client input and need

Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.