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Use of Qualitative Data:

Access to in-house qualitative data allows MBS staff to quickly analyze where your audiences are consuming media and to determine the audience size and composition of television viewers and radio listeners.

Subscriptions to Nielsen television survey data includes broadcast and cable data and Olympic exclusion ratings. Time-period (AQH) and program-average data is accessed and utilized. Arbitron radio survey data includes both summary and respondent level data, including ethnic (Black & Hispanic) data.

We understand outdoor TAB and Eyes On data reporting for static and digital outdoor audience measurement and delivery. ABC and BPA print audit reports are scrutinized and utilized in the planning and buying processes.

Additional resources are used to estimate market costs of various mediums and markets: SQAD for cost-per-point/cost-per-thousand evaluations, plus Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS)-Online, Snapshots Market Profiles, Marketer's Guide to Media and Media Market Guide.

Quantitative Research Tools-

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Use of Quantitative Data:

Qualitative data is used to help develop more successful marketing plans, better understanding of the marketplace and buy media more effectively.

We have at our fingertips every available U.S. market within Scarborough Research's data library. Scarborough measures the shopping patterns, lifestyles and media consumption habits of consumers locally, regionally and nationally.

Demographic measurement includes age cell, gender, ethnic/racial and language dominance, income, education, household composition allows us to follow and understand the specific multi-media usage and exposure of TV, Newspaper, Radio, Outdoor, Internet and Magazines among targeted audiences. Psychographic lifestyle characteristics include shopping habits, travel behavior, recreation and entertainment activity, and more, allows MBS to dig deeper into audience target profiles.

Quantitative Research Tools-

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Use of Intelligence Data:

We invest in a multi-market Kantar Media Subscription

Used to analyze media spending of client's competitors, arming clients with competitive intelligence relating to share-of-voice and, when desired, creative execution. We learn what your competitors are doing and view how you stack up to their radio, TV, print, outdoor and online spending levels. Analyze competitive media landscapes within markets, across media and/or advertiser competitors through cross-tabulation of data sets. We also have access to Nielson AdViews and XRAY competitive set reporting.

Competitive Analysis Tools-

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