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Planning Media Insightfully

You Won’t Get There Unless You Know Where You Are Going

Like writing a biography, creating an effective media plan involves devising a novel approach based on proven historical facts. It takes great imagination to conceive refreshing, innovative plans that are not limited to a textbook approach. Motivated by the belief that 90% of great ideas have just never been tried, our thinking is not restricted to devising typical media plans. Instead we anticipate needs, create new opportunities and recommend advertising vehicles and unique combinations that go beyond the predictable media procedures.

We start the planning process with an open slate. Add target audience and media research, plus market/industry expertise to entrench ourselves into the lives of clients' target audiences. We set message delivery goals, evaluate seasonality, media environment in relation to messages delivered, the changing media landscape, cost efficiencies and budget allocations to develop inventive media planning strategies. Ultimately we deliver a plan that utilizes the most effective media, in the right mix, at the right time, within budget and with built in measurability whenever possible to evaluate our success.

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Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.