Consult with Marketing and Creative teams to find Strategic solutions



Beyond just getting to know the personality, needs and goals of our clients, we do a lot of research. Consult with the creative and marketing teams. And use our entire staff to brainstorm inventive media strategies and special promotion ideas. With early active involvement in the marketing and sales promotion development, we can help clients evaluate and prioritize goals in light of the various media options and costs.

Like writing a biography, creating an effective media plan involves devising a novel approach based on proven historical facts. It takes great imagination to conceive refreshing, innovative plans that are not limited to a textbook approach. Moreover, successful implementation of these resourceful plans is the core of our media buying expertise. Based on the clarity of our vision and strength of our negotiation, our buyers can work wonders. Motivated by the belief that 90% of great ideas have just never been tried, our thinking is not restricted to accepting typical package plans. Instead we anticipate needs. Create new opportunities. And recommend advertising vehicles and unique combinations that go beyond the given parameters. The result is a complete program with minimal waste and maximum return.

In fact, we rarely implement a campaign without negotiating “value added” opportunities that include free or reduced-cost remotes, bonus spots, charity tie-ins, program or event sponsorships, editorial or news coverage. Finding new “value added” opportunities is one of the most important benefits to our clients. Additionally, it is an extension of our commitment to your success.

Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.