Billing, Responsibility and Stewardship on MBS buying orders with complete transparency.

Stewardship & Reconcilliation

Ask for What You Want… & Pay for What you Get


  • Accurate MBS buying orders are sent to every media vendor and vendors countersign our orders to ensure acceptance of our agreements
  • Makegood Guidelines
    • Made good within flight parameters
    • Replace TRPs within same dayparts or upgrade
    • All makegoods are approved by MBS prior to makegoods occuring

Media Invoice Reconciliation, Invoice Auditing and Payment

  • Every media vendor invoice submitted to MBS is audited for accuracy and any discrepancies are negotiated prior to final billing and payment
  • TVPosting
    • TV ratings delivery typically reached is 95-100% average, with a 90% guarantee


  • Proof of Purchase
    • TV, Radio & Print, Outdoor and Online ad invoice auditing/reconciliation/monitoring,  plus review print tear sheets and affidavits are all shared with each client within monthly statements

Billing & Statements

  • MBS Practices Full Disclosure of client activity and charges.
    • All client billing is detailed on one monthly invoice.
    • Copies of every media vendors' invoice is attached for mailing or available for viewing online through MBS on Demand.
    • Clients are only billed for the media that ran and can verify billing accuracy by comparing their MBS invoice to the media vendor bills and MBS plan approval sheets.
    • Discrepancies and makegoods are detailed with listing of corrective actions taken.

Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.