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Unique Advantages

Longevity of Clients
MBS merges the competencies of account relationship management, strategy and execution to offer unsurpassed benefits to our clients.  This successful model of account stewardship offers clients great efficiency and flexibility. The end result is a higher level of communication, expert execution and constant two-way campaign feedback. 

Our reputation for unsurpassed client service paves the way for lasting relationships. MBS’ client list includes relationships averaging seven years with some individual relationships as long as 17, 14 and 11 years. 

Longevity of Personnel
Our exceptional and experienced media planning and buying staff are all senior-level media planners and media buyers, and are cross-trained to service clients as Media Account Executives. They are extremely competent, proactive and goal-oriented media professionals. 

For more than a quarter century, MBS has hired top notch talent who are dedicated to attaining results beyond our clients’ expectations.  They enjoy the direct interaction with MBS clients and a rewarding collaborative working environment with other employees and management.  This combination has allowed MBS to keep our valued employees an average of 10 years.  Our longest tenured employee has been with us 18 years.  We also have employees who have been with us 16, 15 and 13 years. MBS is fortunate to have an award-winning assemblage of consummate media professionals who have achieved top recognition in our field.

Respect of our Vendors
Because we show respect in our relationships with our clients, our vendors and our staff, we have enjoyed steady growth and long term relationships on every side of the business.  We negotiate hard for our clients and play tough, but fair, with our vendors.  Vendors know we base our decisions on sound reasoning.  We equip our staff with the latest resources to develop the most thorough analysis and the leadership to stimulate the most insightful planning and the most wisely negotiated buys.  As a result, our clients often get more and pay less.

Ongoing Media Research and Monitoring
Ongoing media plan optimization and research is included in our fees and commissions.  We have a passion to make our client’s advertising dollars work hard and obtain optimal results.  We are continually monitoring campaign effectiveness and redeploying as necessary to ensure best results possible. And it does not cost our clients one extra dime.

No Fee Surprises
We’re compensated through commissions on placed media.  By utilizing a commission structure, there are no surprise additional charges or fees.  Our clients can budget their advertising costs accurately and know that any changes or additional research necessary will not be a cost that reduces the ad budget and its effectiveness.


Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.