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Our Story

A media buying company with a great story

In 1986 we were determined to define ourselves outside the boundaries of conventional media placement.   We approach our media function as more of a creative process than a mechanical operation.  We go beyond mere number crunching and routine trafficking and strive to expand possibility.  We stretch limitations.  And exceed expectations.

Known as "being smarter" than our competition, MBS is recognized as one of the premiere media buying services in the Southwest.  MBS is highly service oriented and has annual buying power exceeding $20 million, buying nationally, regionally and locally.  We move quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines while stretching clients' advertising budgets to gain outstanding media exposure.

MBS has carved out a special position offering clients a “research first” approach to media planning and buying.  Our full-time media research director is highly proficient in initiating, reviewing, integrating, preparing and presenting primary and secondary research to analyze target audience lifestyle characteristics, media usage and more.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we are part of marketing teams bringing the very best of each marketing discipline to work for our clients:  Media, Creative and Public Relations. Plus we’ve assembled a group of senior-level media professionals who are highly regarded and recognized within our industry.

Our firm is especially known for its high level of service, honesty and integrity.  We are proud that we have a history of longevity with our clients, most retaining Media Buying Services for an extended number of years.  We work very hard making our clients’ jobs easier by completing media projects on time, in budget and with their marketing goals firmly in mind.  We continuously review new ad placement opportunities, always looking to improve and expand clients’ message exposure.

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Reaching media exceptionally. Planning media insightfully. Buying media wisely.